To shift the focus of economic policies toward India’s export promotion and to leverage foreign trade for more sustained growth, the Indian government identifies each district as an export hub. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry gives the data for the special products and services of districts with export potential. The objective is to focus on each District as a platform for the broad and global reach of products and services through innovative e-commerce and digital marketing.


Market Potential Index (MPI) is calculated using robust research methodology. MPI is an aid for marketer to arrive at a district prioritization for purposes ranging from market entry to product launch. MPI is given for 630 districts for rural, urban and total market separately. The higher the MPI, the higher is the market prioritization.

Agriculture related information and no of HH


Population, HH & Banking services


Demographics & Educational &Commercial Premises

Education/ Training

Demographics, HH, Agricultural , Vehicles & Commercial Premises


Demographics and information on users of telecom services


Households with size, Social and Commercial Premises

Real Estate & Cement

Demographics, HH & Educational and Relevant Commercial Premises


Households and Mediaownership

Media & Entertainment

Demographics and Basic Amenities

Health care & Pharmaceuticals

Demographics, Media, Availability of Necessary Facilities

Food Processing

Demographics, Social & Social and Commercial Premises

Financial Services

Demographics and Commercial Organizations